About Us

Our Award Winning Cat Litter Brand

 Hello, human pals and feline gurus! I'm Ginger, the whiskered ambassador of Breeder Celect – the litter that's been keeping our cats and kittens purring for over 10 years. Let me tell you a tail-flicking tale of sustainability and snuggles!

 Our mission is simple: to provide a litter that's as good for the planet as it is for your furry family. Made with 99% recycled paper, free from nasty chemicals and additives, our litter is a testament to what happens when you mix a little local ingenuity with a whole lot of love.

 Crafted right here in the UK, our litter is not only super absorbent but also masters the art of natural odour control. And because it's made from just paper, water, and air, it's softer than a kitten's whisper and safe for paws of all sizes.

Meet Ginger

Hey there, I'm Ginger – the furry face and paws behind Breeder Celect. You might say I'm just another pretty face with a tail, but I'm also a connoisseur of comfort and a crusader for cleanliness. Let me share a snippet of my story with you!


A purr-sonality that cares

I was born with a whisker for adventure and a heart for sustainability. As Chief Feline Officer at Breeder Celect, I'm not just lounging around in sunbeams and chasing laser dots – I'm on a mission to make the world a better place for my fellow felines and their human companions.


More than just a mascot

From the very beginning, I've been paw-deep in the development of our litter. I've tested piles of pellets, sniffed out the best natural odour control techniques, and rolled around in the softest batches to ensure they're up to scratch – literally! When I put my paw of approval on a pack of Breeder Celect, you know it's been through the most rigorous of cat audits.


A day in the life of Ginger

Curious about how I spend my days? Well, when I'm not busy being the poster cat for eco-friendly litter, I'm advocating for sustainable practices, sharing tips on cat care, and helping to educate on the importance of using products that are kind to both paws and the planet. And yes, I still find time for naps – a cat's got to rest with all this responsibility!


Join my journey

Follow along as I share my adventures, insights, and the occasional cat-itude. It's a wild, whiskered world out there, and I'm here to guide you through it with charm and a touch of cattiness. Together, we'll explore what it means to be a part of the Breeder Celect family – one paw print at a time.

Meet Rusty!

Rusty is my very special kitten pal. He's a pint-sized adventurer with a heart as big as his curiosity. Together we form an unstoppable duo, diving into each day, ready for the next escapade.

Rusty, in his esteemed role as CKO (Chief Kitten Officer), takes his duties in quality control with the utmost seriousness, especially when it comes to our innovative flatter pellet design and natural attractant. With Rusty's discerning paw of approval, each batch is meticulously inspected to ensure it meets our high standards of kitten comfort and usability.

Rusty leads the PLUS charge with his boundless energy and mischievous twinkle in his eye. Life is never dull with Rusty by my side, as we navigate the endless possibilities for fun and frolic in our cozy, laughter-filled corner of the world. Check out some of our adventures below!


I work with some outstanding companies which help enrich my, and other cats' lives. Breeder Celect only work with the best, most responsible and sustainable businesses, aimed at making life better for animals - every day!


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Through the donation of our 99% Recycled Paper Cat Litter, Breeder Celect are proud to support Woodgreen Pets Charity. We provide litter to their lovely cats and kittens at their Care Centre. Woodgreen are dedicated to helping pets and their people.