Breeder Celect PLUS

Welcome to the PLUS side of life where extra care meets extra flair!

Breeder Celect PLUS Probiotic

Hey, it's Ginger here! For those who desire a little more oomph in odour control, our PLUS Probiotic range is your go-to. It's the same beloved 99% recycled paper litter with a natural probiotic twist for some extra freshness. Trust me; your nose will thank you!

Natural probiotics

Low dust

All natural product

Natural odour control

Highly absorbent

Made in the UK

Breeder Celect PLUS Kitten

At HQ, we have developed pellets that are flatter, providing a softer and more comfortable texture for their delicate kitten paws! Breeder Celect PLUS Kitten is a litter created specifically for your kitten. It's designed to give kittens and their owners the best start when it comes to toilet training. We’ve added a natural attractant to the pellets that only kittens can smell, which may help safely attract your kitten to the tray, making litter training easier for owners and furry little bottoms.

Natural Attractant

Flatter Pellet Design

Natural probiotics

Our products

Breeder Celect PLUS

Whether you're raising a playful kitten or caring for a full-grown feline, our PLUS range has got you covered. Available in convenient 10L and 25L packs.

Doing the litter switcheroo

Start fresh

Ready for a full switch? Start with a clean slate – a fresh litter tray mixed with a third of Breeder Celect PLUS and two-thirds of your current litter.

Once they're comfortable

Gradually shift the balance until it's all PLUS, all the way!

Switch completely

And even easier, if you are switching from Breeder Celect to Breeder Celect PLUS, you can simply make the complete switch straight away - your cat will feel right at home. Just keep it 2-3 inches deep, and let your feline friend leap into a new era of litter luxury. 

What do I know? I’m just a cat! If my word’s not enough, then check out some of the purr-fect reviews we’ve received from our delighted cat-tastic customers!

"This cat litter is the best! Not only is it made from recycled cardboard and paper, it actually works in eliminating the smells of litter. I've been using it for years and expect to continue to as well."

Audrey from London

"Great product. Cats love it and unlike crystal litter, it doesn’t hurt the cat's paws when they use it. Have used it for years now and still love this product."

Lily from Nottingham

"As the product is made of natural ingredients it’s much better for the environment and landfill. Our cat is happy and that’s the most important thing."

Will from Manchester

Hot tip!

While we’d all love to have a single litter tray in our homes, each cat needs a ‘master bathroom’ plus an additional box for good measure (1+1). So, two trays for one cat, three boxes for two cats and so on. Cats are fussy, so the more options the better.