Our People

At FibreCycle, we are committed to attracting and developing the best available talent across the UK and Australia.

At the heart of our purpose is people and we know that bringing the best out in our teams will bring about the best results for our company. We believe that how we go about things is just as important as what we do, so we strive for a culture that is playful but smart. One that applauds constructive and collaborative ways - we’re always looking to do better.

Meet some of our team

Marc Crespi

Job title

Meet Marc and his two pet budgies, Max and Roxy, bought for Marc’s two sons who promised they would care for and clean up after the birds. But like most parents with animals, Marc is finding he is the one doing the cleaning up! Marc started with FibreCycle in 2020. Presented with the challenges of Covid-19, Marc talks with great pride about the team’s spirit and energy in supporting each other whilst ensuring we delivered litter to our customers with no disruption. Most excited  by the growth potential  of the FibreCycle business, Marc is part of our sales team based in Helensvale.

Myla Collins

Job title

For over 8 years Myla Collins has been working at our Scunthorpe site in the UK. Enjoying the flexibility of the work and the company of her work mates, some of Myla’s best memories are the fun times she has had with her crew and laughs as she recalls a story of a colleague weighing one bag of litter when they were supposed to be weighing 8 in a baler bag.

Myla loves that you never have to “watch the clock” at FibreCycle, with the team working at pace and the days finishing before you even realise.

Steve Leach

Job title

Steve is one of our longest serving team members at FibreCycle and has worked in just about every role at our Toowoomba site. Together with his family and 11 year old Maltese/Lhasa Apso cross, Daisy, Steve made the move to our UK site in Scunthorpe in early 2020 to help set the team up for growth over the coming years.

Having been with FibreCycle for 17 years, Steve is most proud to be working for a company that is growing year on year and remains true to its family company values. As for Daisy, Steve smiles and tells us that “she thinks she is much bigger than she is and likes to act tough with dogs much bigger than her – her bark is worse than her bite”.

Kristin O’Brien

Job title

Kirstin loves bringing our brands to life in her role as Marketing Manager for FibreCycle. Having worked for the business for a year, Kirstin loves that she gets to combine her passion for animals with her passion for marketing.Nash on the other hand loves stealing socks and shoes and is an avid lover of all stuffed animals.

Val Grant

Job title

Pudsey and Val are inseparable so you will often find, Pudsey sitting on her zoom calls and taking part in meetings.
Val joined the business in 2020 right in the middle of COVID lockdown so has built her relationships with the team all via zoom.

Val is the National business manager for UK Grocery based in our Scunthorpe UK site.

Matt Davies

Job title

Jetta is an RSPCA rescue dog. We rescued her when she was 3 years old. She is very protective and is obsessed with her human. She follows me everywhere.We got Poppy (now 2 yrs) when she was just 8 weeks old. She is a ball of energy and loves her toys. She always has something in her mouth and any time is play time.

I love the fact that my dogs are always happy and full of energy. Their wonderful temperament always lifts me.

Meet some of our team

Chief Adventurer

Higgins is our resident adventurer. Higgins LOVES being outside and loves to play hide and seek… with an emphasis on the hiding! Higgins’ Mum Paula is in charge of all the numbers and money here at Breeder’s Choice. If Ginger is looking for some dollars to spend, he knows all he has to do is ask Paula about her cats and the money is his!

Chief Welcomer

Daisy loves to say hello to everyone. Once she has given everyone a friendly welcome, she likes to settle down in the coolest area she can find – usually in front of the air conditioner. Daisy’s Dad Cliff handles all things technology at Breeder’s Choice. If Ginger has been playing around with those computer cords, he knows to call Cliff to solve the problem.

Supervisor of Sass

Tom can frequently be found sleeping in the weirdest spots. He loves pats – but only when he says so! Tom’s mum Mel manages our office at our Toowoomba factory. Ginger loves Mel because she is so friendly and always has a smile on her face.

Master of Meows

Gracie (short for Amazing Grace) has been very vocal from day 1. She loves to let her mum know when she isn’t a fan of something! Gracie can often be found napping in someone else’s bed, including the dogs. Gracie’s mum Aleisha S ensures the trucks arrive and leave on time at our Toowoomba factory. Ginger thinks Aleisha is a logistical wizard!

Leader of Leisure

Lexi doesn’t let anything phase her. She just rolls with whatever the day, and people bring her. Lexi’s owner Aleisha B handles all the paperwork at our Toowoomba factory and lends a hand to where-ever it is needed. Ginger thinks Aleisha’s pile of papers are very comfy and tends not to bat an eye about being in the way.

Head of Hiding

Fluffy is quiet and shy, definitely more introverted, she isn’t too keen on crowds and tends to hide until the coast is clear. Fluffy’s owner Betty makes sure all our products exceed our rigorous quality standards. Ginger know if Betty gives it her tick of approval then it’s good to go.

Hot tip!

When you bring home a new cat, remember that we can be super fussy if you change our litter type. Find out what your cat has been using with their previous shelter or breeder, then slowly transition.