At Breeder Celect, we believe in creating products that not only delight our pets but also protect their future, ensuring they can continue to live joyous and healthy lives.
Designed with your pet's health and happiness at the forefront, we ensure that every scoop of Breeder Celect litter is a step towards a more sustainable future.
By choosing Breeder Celect, you're part of a cycle that nurtures the environment, encouraging the growth of new trees and a brighter future for all.

We choose the environment!

From a mighty tree to a comfy litter tray– follow the journey of Breeder Celect with this nifty little journey. It's the circle of life, feline style!

Every time you choose Breeder Celect, you're not just making your cat's day; you're giving a high-five to the environment. Our litter is compostable (just check with your local council first), and with your help, we're keeping the cycle going strong!

Step 1

Here is one amazing tree, where it all starts.

Step 2

The tree is processed into wood pulp, which is turned into newspaper.

Step 3

Our uniquely formulated litter pellets are made from 99% recycled paper with no nasty chemicals or additives.

Step 4

Breeder Celect Cat Litter can be composted once the waste is removed, for new trees to grow. We believe that making the right choices today will have a positive impact on the future. (But check with your local council first)

Certified compostable

Recognised in the United Kingdom, Australasian Bioplastics Association certifies that Breeder Celect Cat Litter is appropriate for home composting and commercial composting. More proof that Breeder Celect is better for both pets and planet.

Hot tip!

When selecting a new toy, consider the planet’s well-being too. Choose toys crafted from decomposable materials like wool, bamboo, timber, or cork over synthetic alternatives. These ciiiiiircle of liiiiiife choices all start with you!