The UK's Award Winning
Cat Litter brand

Did you know that Breeder Celect has been named the top cat litter in the 2024 Your Cat Product Awards? So, whether you've got a tiny tabby or a hefty Maine Coon, we've got you covered. Breeder Celect Cat Litter comes in a range of pack sizes  – because when it comes to keeping cats happy, size really does matter!

Low dust

All natural product

Natural odour control

Highly absorbent

Made in the UK

Why Choose Us

Not to toot our own horn, but here at Breeder Celect, we're over the moon to have been named the top cat litter in the 2024 Your Cat Product Awards! Also, our litter is designed to be gentle on even the daintiest of paws. With no nasties and low dust, your home will stay as clean as a cat's conscience – which, between you and me, is pretty spotless. Our high absorbency and natural odour control are the secret to a fresh, odour-free home. It's the purr-fect choice for discerning kittens, cats and their humans. Why settle for less when you can choose the award-winning option?

Natural odour control

Highly absorbent

Made in Australia

Soft on little paws

99% recycled paper

Doing the litter switcheroo

Switching litters can be like learning a new dance – it takes a few steps! Here's how to waltz your way into using Breeder Celect:

Start fresh

With a clean litter tray, mix together a bit of the old with a sprinkle of the new – that's Breeder Celect, of course! 

Gain Comfort

As your cat gets comfy, shift the combined mix until it's more of our litter than not.

Switch completely

Finally, it's time for the big reveal – a tray filled with nothing but Breeder Celect. Keep it a few inches deep, and watch your cat leap for joy!

What do I know? I’m just a cat! If my word’s not enough, then check out some of the purr-fect reviews we’ve received from our delighted cat-tastic customers!

"This cat litter is the best! Not only is it made from recycled cardboard and paper, it actually works in eliminating the smells of litter. I've been using it for years and expect to continue to as well."

Audrey from London

"Great product. Cats love it and unlike crystal litter, it doesn’t hurt the cat's paws when they use it. Have used it for years now and still love this product."

Lily from Nottingham

"As the product is made of natural ingredients it’s much better for the environment and landfill. Our cat is happy and that’s the most important thing."

Will from Manchester

Did you know?

You’ve got to get the litter spot right! If you squeeze the box into a tight corner or hidden area to hide it from view of visitors, your feline friend may feel trapped. Us cats like our privacy, but we also get a bit of FOMO and want to be where you can see us. So maybe position the box in an open area where your cat can see and hear other people or pets in the home.