Our Story

We believe that making the right choices today will have a positive impact on the future, whilst knowing that the right choice is not necessarily the easy one.

Unaffected by what’s on trend, we thrive in the challenge of finding a better way. Creating simple, impactful answers to complex problems. At FibreCycle, we are The Curious Pioneers. We have always been inspired by nature’s process to regenerate, recover, repurpose and renew, allowing us all to live closer to the ones we love. For we know our pets make us better people.

We’ve been doing better since we began. Not because it’s the cool thing, but because it’s the right thing. We are enemies of fake “green products” that don’t perform. We unite against those who care more about performance than the harm they cause. So we will win with purpose. We will do what’s right, because it’s the right thing to do. We strive to do no harm. We want to always do better. For People. For Pet. For Planet.

We’re curious, it’s in our blood. We’re pioneers, on a mission since 1989 to do better.

We believe pets make us better people, that’s why we only make products that do better and are kind to pets and the planet.

A world where all our brands do no harm to us, our pets or the planet we share.

With a responsibility to the planet we share, at FibreCycle, we look to the future with optimism.


Built our very first recycling facility

in Dandenong, Victoria


Built out our first pelleting plant

in Lonsdale, SA, where Breeder's Choice was first produced (1st Australian, environmentally friendly litter)

Breeder's Choice appears on the shelves of Franklins

First major grocer to sell our products


Breeder's Choice began to appear on shelves

in Coles and Woolworths

Began exporting

our sister brand Breeder Celect into Asia


We built our Toowoomba factory


Launched our 24L size pack

which is now our number 1 selling branded cat litter pack size in Australia


Began exporting

into Europe

Began exporting

our sister brand Breeder Celect into New Zealand


Installed our first robot palletiser

in Toowoomba


Began exporting

into the UK


Our sister brand Breeder Celect began to appear on shelves in Pets at Home

UK’s leading pet speciality retailer


Built our first overseas factory

in Scunthorpe, UK


A devastating fire destroyed our Lonsdale factory

We maintained employment for all our people, who we retrained as labourers to assist in the reconstruction of the factory.

We were back up and running in nine months (Jan-June/July).


We were acquired by the Kent Pet Group (US)

– a Kent Family Company

Partnered with customers

to produce sustainable, locally made, Private Label litter offering in Australia


Breeder's Choice available in Amazon

in Australia

Ginger becomes the Chief Feline Officer


Launched our Breeder's Choice PLUS range

PLUS Probiotic + PLUS Kitten

Ginger's pal Rusty joins the team

as our resident Kitten

Our Locations

Scunthorpe, UK

Our plant in Scunthorpe UK provides us with a strategic  location to manufacture Breeder Celect and Back-2-Nature and service the UK and International market. The factory was commissioned in 2009 and production of our iconic cat litter and small animal bedding commenced in October 2010. The Scunthorpe facility also houses our UK corporate team. Our presence in Europe continues to grow with the success of our UK team and plant.

UK Tax Strategy


It all started for us in rural South Australia with our first innovative closed loop manufacturing site. Today our Lonsdale site is one of our two proudly Australian based manufacturing facilities, located next door to the beautiful McLaren Vale region.Our Toowoomba Queensland manufacturing plant was constructed in 2001. This brought enhanced capabilities to the FibreCycle business, allowing increased production and output capacity. The FibreCycle Australian head office is in Helensvale on the sunny Gold Coast, where all teams from sales through to finance work side by side.

Did you know?

That warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you’re patting your cat is not your imagination, it’s a release of oxytocin and other pleasure-related chemicals in the brain. The release helps your body feel calm and peaceful, reducing stress and even helping lower blood pressure. Cats can truly benefit your health, which is why some nursing homes, schools and hospitals employ therapy cats to assist patients in healing and spreading positive vibes.